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107Zest Spirited Dining

Address: 4117 N 16th Ave, Phoenix, AZ  85016   Make a Reservation
Zest Spirited Dining
Zest is a unique gem of a neighborhood restaurant, a cross between upscale elegance and casual friendliness. Husband-and-wife team Charles Seo and Lee Jun offer an innovative menu peppered with truly unique, eclectic, and flavorful dishes. Grilled scallops are prepared with Jerk seasoning and tomatillo chipotle tartar sauce, a lamb shank is wrapped in grape leaves and braised in a Syrah tomato sauce with goat-cheese cream sauce, and a consistently raved-about pork chop is flattened, breaded with Panko and served with a cranberry orange chutney. The setting is as refreshingly eclectic as the cuisine, with a laid-back loft-like vibe that … Learn More »